I love to speak and inspire. It may be because of an innate enthusiasm and love for life.

Although my passion lies in creating content and finding ways to market that content for optimal dissemination and impact, I do accept a limited number of speaking engagement requests.

I am scheduled for several in 2018/2019.

The following topics are what I’m comfortable covering:


Physician Speaker: Dana Corriel, MD speaks about the benefits of physician use of social media and how it can impact healthcare


How to Advance your Career as a Professional Using Virtual Tools of Today

Best Use of Specific Social Media Platforms for Professional Growth

Content Creation in Healthcare Social Media

Self-Marketing Tools and Ideas for Making Yourself Stand Out

Finding Self-Fulfillment & Satisfaction Using Creativity/Virtual Tools

Creating a Professional ‘Brand’


I’ve spoken in front of healthcare professionals in academic settings, to an adult non-medical patient population, and to children of various ages. Each audience often requires a different style.

With each talk I give, my goal is to deliver an impactful presentation, while also entertaining the crowd.

My ‘shtick‘ for accomplishing my speaking objectives include using original images (especially ones I’ve taken myself), creatively playing with titles, and use of evidence-based studies.


Below is a graphic from of a recent talk:

Physician Speaker on Social Media: points from a lecture on doctors in social media


Contact me at drcorriel@gmail.com for availability.