Stone Barns, Pocantico Hills

the beautiful flowers sold at Stone Barns are worthy of anyone's afternoon hours

Been to Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY? If not, go. It’s a must see for both children and adults.

The place is where nature meets animals meets upscale grounds meets delicious food.

Stone Barns is located in Pocantico Hills, a hamlet of Mount Pleasant, home to Kykuit, the Rocklefeller family estate, and northeast of Sleepy Hollow, NY.

The name ‘Pocantico’ means running between two hills, and refers to the Pocantico River.

We’ve made it a point to visit this magical place each year, kids in tow. child petting a chickenThey transform in front of our eyes, the moment we step onto the grounds.

As soon as we park, we no longer feel the pressures of suburbia on our shoulders as we enter the grounds of this farm land.

The kids let loose and run around the openness, taking pleasure in petting animals and engaging in farm tasks like collecting eggs from the chicken coop, greeting sheep, feeding goats and pulling out garlic flowers.

Not to mention the culinary delights to indulge in at the cafe.


Visiting the farm is free, other than a small fee to park, but purchasing a ticket to engage in farm activities is well worth the price. Visit their website to get info at Stone Barns, and if you wish to really splurge, you can visit their upscale restaurant at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. But not without a reservation.

a tray of food samplings from the Stone Barns cafe
samples from the cafe at Stone Barns

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