How Disneyland Helped Me Become a Better Doctor

Walt Disney is seen in the statue in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle located in Dineyland, CA, where I worked

I recently wrote about my experience working at Disneyland as a young teen. I spent about 2 years there, in the outdoor vending department, selling a variety of items like popcorn, balloons, and ice cream, among other Micky Mouse-shaped paraphernalia. I had a great time while there. But there’s so much more to it than […]

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An Awkward Teen Gets Hired by a Mouse

My secret’s out. It was me, that awkward teen. I’m happy to report, over thirty years later, that I’ve blossomed into a functioning, well-rounded adult. I’d even say I’m much less awkward today, and much more comfortable in my own skin. My kids may not agree. Rewind to the 90’s Back in ’94, as a […]

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