Michael Emmerich

  Standing Serene – March 09, 2019   in the waxing and waning of life as the sea of tranquillity transforms with the fast-approaching misfortunes of poseidon be that island of serenity in the raging storms and pounding waves of life’s tempest ….. just stand serenely and be       Michael Emmerich is professional medical qualification is: ALS Paramedic […]

Linda Wachtel

In the end those were not the cards we were dealt. We were told there were no treatment options and that he would die.

RESILIENCE   The line that hooked me on the show “This Is Us”, comes following the stillborn death of one of Jack and Rebecca’s triplets. Dr K the obstetrician is transparent, and shares his own experience of personal loss when his own infant died years before. He provides words of wisdom to Jack on how […]

Lisa Hirsch

    Growing up I thought that being a doctor, wife, and mother by 30 would make me happy.   I got married in my 4th year of medical school and started an Internal Medicine residency.  I quit 2 months before the end of internship year. I started a job in pharmaceutical marketing and had a baby boy. His birth highlighted all […]