testimonials from peers

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me in the past. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this career trajectory (from physician seeing patients to digital consultant, strategist, & entrepreneur). Below is a sampling of testimonials I’ve gathered in the past few years. Help me build more by sending yours in, if you’ve been touched by my effort and work.

Working with a A Legend:

Samuel Shem, Professor of Medicine, author of The House of God, speaks about working together.


on social

Thanks to the incredible world of social media, we can now grab snippets from those who have testified to our value. Here’s a sampling of just four.

“Dr Corriel did a wonderful job of providing an overview of how to approach and conceptualize your product and online presence. Her office hours were very helpful and she provided a lot of the motivation I needed to get myself really going on the social media front. Her expertise on the various different social media platforms was helpful and the small group structure was great because it helped me to see what others were doing – and we could help each other out too. The course is a worthy investment!” – Krupa Playforth, MD, FAAP, pediatrician trained at Harvard, Vanderbilt, Georgetown (Inata: @thepediatricianmom)

Terry Malcolm, MD, MBA, CPE, of Master Physician coaching (a physician executive coach)

Terry Malcoolm, MD, MBA, CPE



Dr. Terry Malcolm

If you’re a physician leader, then Dr. Corriel offers exceptional networking opportunities to showcase your special skills. Her goal is to help fellow physicians find their potential.

Rene Walker


Molly Dunn


James Dixon


It doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg!

Nesrin Abu Ata, MD

I channeled you :-). a website company quoted me 10k(!!) to add some simple things to my website. Like landing pages basically. And then I remembered how you talked about building landing pages with WordPress and watching you figuring it out as you went along in the process over the past three years now, gave me courage to attempt to do it and I was able to!:-);-)

.. so thank you!:-)

Amy Fogelman, MD

[My course] would not be even
an iota as great as it is without
your help, from the strategy to
the implementation.
Michael Tetrault

Michael Tetrault, editor-in-chief


editor in chief // podcaster

Michael Tetrault

“Dr. Corriel is one of the most creative social media physicians whom I’ve seen in my 20 years working with doctors.

She makes it [finding & using your physician voice online] look easy! I’m routinely impressed by her creative posts, brave steps, and strategies that others might not feel comfortable with, but patients and entrepreneurial docs find helpful.

We need more doctors just like Dr. C. She’s setting the table, and has sent out the invitations, en masse, for doctors to sit at her table and learn.”

Two in one.

Kara Wada, MD & Ollie

“Ollie and I are working on updating my @SoMeDocs profiles today to include a speaker, blog, and coaching page.

Thank you so much @drcorriel for your time, energy, & vision in building this platform and lending me your ear today.”

Even More Testimonials

Vitel Health founder

Brittany Busse, MD

testimonial: Brittney Busse, MD

A neurologist weighs in

Huma Sheikh, MD

“It was great to work with Dana, her insights are invaluable and she was very thorough in providing tangible techniques to increase my social media presence and build my physician brand. It was a pleasure to work with her.”