Thai Food at The Thonglor, NYC

Where it comes to authentic Thai food in NYC, we got it covered.

We’ve been back to this particular place several times already, you see, especially when we want to dine before a midtown Broadway show.

Take a look at the reel I created, after this past vist:


Find this authentic place on 9th and 52nd Street.

A quick heads up, though: the place is packed, and seats only 6 small tables. When it’s busy, as when we were there, service can be slow and inconsistent.

However, the food is still great, so it’s worth that chance!

On Instagram, they’re @thonglor_newyork.

Thai Food at The Thonglor, NYC

When Thai food's good, Thai food's good. A "hole in the wall" we frequent in the theater district of NYC that's worth a visit.


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