Who Am I?

What’s the blog about?

In the office, I am a physician. My white coat is on, stethoscope in hand, as I ready to treat patients with all of the seriousness that my field requires. If you’ve seen me there, you know how thorough and professional I can be.

Outside of work, I’ve struggled to find a niche that best fits my writing, a hobby I picked up later in life. After a year of experimentation, I decided to narrow the field down and combine the two things I love doing most: working in the medical profession to put smiles back on people’s faces and enjoying the things in life that put a smile on my own. I’m channeling my creative energy, enthusiasm, and love together on this blog, where my purpose is to share articles that are informative, engaging, and inspirations, in the hopes of humanizing the face of medicine. In doing this, I hope to stimulate meaningful, respectful discussions which can lead to bridging the gaps between doctor and patient.

You’ll also find me very active across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.


The material on this blog is not meant to be substituted for medical advice. Remember to always consult with your own doctor before starting any new medication, regimen, or lifestyle change.