This Blog, Explained

I’d like to share a few words about my blog, possibly a clarification for some.

In the office, I am a physician. That means my white coat is on, stethoscope in hand, ready to treat my patients with all of the seriousness that my field requires. If you’ve seen me there, you know how thorough and professional I can be.

Dr. Corriel, Life Through the Eyes of a Medical Doctor

But this is my blog (on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well)- they’re all outside of the office, where I am just a bit more. I have a funny side, a creative side, a unique side and a fun side- and I’d like to use this space as a forum for self-expression. As readers, you will be seeing a mix of material- both medicine and parenthood-related, and even some of the other beautiful things in life that I enjoy sharing- food I love, experiences I want to share, my love of vintage, and more. My writing will also often have a funny, sarcastic tongue-in-cheek undertone to it- I enjoy it this way and hope you do, too.

I did consider changing the title several times, but decided ultimately to keep it as is, self-titled as ‘Dr. Corriel,’ to maintain the ability to write about medicine and have the powerful degree I’ve earned next to my name.

I know I’m breaking barriers and stepping outside of accepted stereotypes, but that’s ok with me. It’s 2017 and it’s time to be revolutionary, and to step out of the box. And the bottom line is that I enjoy what I do- both inside the office and out!

So if this sounds like something you’d like to follow and read, then stick around. And if not, then I’ll be sad to see you go-

but you’ll be missing out.

The material on this blog is not meant to be substituted for medical advice. Remember to always consult with your own doctor before starting any new medication, regimen, or lifestyle change.