The Good and the Not-So-Good of Physician Influencers

(should physicians be influencers?)


The online world has become quite crowded over the past few years, as healthcare makes its way into its limelight.

The experts of healthcare are in the playing field, and yet we’re actively trying to figure out how to play.


So why not have an open conversation about the topic, I thought to myself. And in came Dr. Hala Sabry, ER physician and creator of the first Facebook group for doctors, called PMG (Physician Moms Group).

Dr. Sabry and I have been in friends for quite some time, bouncing ideas off of each other, exchanging various social media topics, and engaging in stimulating discussion.

But we finally got to also record our chat, for both the SoMeDocs website and for my own website portfolio, right here.

So here it is, a conversation titled:


Influencers: The Good and the Not-So-Good.