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family, frivolity, & faux-pas

When I think of someone asking me for recs on parenting, a smile always spreads across my face. It’s funny that people would turn to me for answers.. because I don’t have them.

But here’s what I do feel good about passing on, where it comes to parenting. The laughter. The fun. The ‘making the best of it’. Because that’s honestly the way I get through it all.


The collection, below.

"I was so cute when I thought I was tired back before I had kids. So cute."


I’m learning how to pull it off; to make my family look picture-perfect. Even when, most of the time, we’re not. In this section, I attempt to exercise the art of blending curiosity, with story-telling, with editing skills I picked up along the way. I’m hoping I can adequately showcase the incredible things I’m discovering in my ‘life after medicine’.

Will you explore with me?

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