Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Who’s the most like to be heard making all the social media noise of them all?



A mirror, mirror from my actual wall.. (side note: how fabulously glam is this thing?)




If you’re anything like me, you get overwhelmed with ALL that in going on right now, on the virtual spaces of social media.

It feels.. “cramped.” So active but also so very confusing.


As more and more professionals take to that space, to make a difference in not only their career, but in the healthcare landscape, it feels sometimes like we’re fitting ourselves into what feels like ‘nooks and crannies’.


It’s no surprise, therefore, that each of us is feeling.. well,






So. When it feels like there’s just TOO much noise all the time, what’s the best advice I give, for still being productive, and not letting it all overwhelm?




Tune it out.




 know that it sounds simple. But it can prove to be a very hard thing to do, once you insert yourself into the world of the online.

So remind yourself of these words, each time you get overwhelmed.

Or come back here, and soak in more pearls.


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The Noise on Social Media