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How are you supposed to react when you’re told you’re a side of a hurricane?

I can tell you because apparently I was faced with the claim earlier today. Apparently I am, in fact, a side of a hurricane.

More specifically, I’m the right side of a hurricane. And even more specifically, it is the really, really strong side.






I didn’t even realize this was a “thing”. Until I looked it up.

And yep, it appears that the right side of a hurricane is indeed the side that generates the strongest wind.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “I never thought of myself as WIND (insert my boys laughing here.. because, you know.. 💨); and certainly not as the wind of a hurricane! I’m pretty soft-spoken in most of my interactive occasions, or so I thought.

I guess it’s a pretty nice compliment to get.

I certainly think it’s a win when it comes to personal strives.

I’ve always been pretty committed to what I wanted to achieve, but never quite as committed as I am today. I think that life really taught me many valuable lessons, and many of those have simply been the result of life experience. The older I get, the more experiences I collect and, in turn, use to push forward.

I use these experiences by converting them to fuel, propelling me forward and strengthening my plight, giving me the boost I need. The bad experiences hurt – some of them badly – but I convert the negative energy from those interactions to positive, and I use it to learn and to grow.

I found this very relevant quote among my searches, but couldn’t find the source. If any of you out there know, holler at me!



“Growth and comfort do not co-exist.”






And so when my colleague referred to me as the right side of the hurricane, I’m pretty sure she got it right.

But for the sake of completion, here’s the entire excerpt she hurled my way. I wrote it down because I was so taken aback by the poetic nature by which she delivered it.

Plus, I was proud as hell.

“Honey,” she told me, “You sound like a force of nature. You’re the right side of a hurricane. Don’t temper your enthusiasm or your vision.”




I can now confidently drop the mic.

At least for tonight.

Tomorrow, there’s more wind to blow.




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