This post is dedicated to you physicians amongst out there who, like me, feel like you’re doing everything wrong because you can’t narrow down your focus where it comes to online voice.

I call you all beautifully patient souls ‘the (un)focus.




Here’s the thing.

I know how you all feel, because I was there too.

In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m still right there with you.

Yet I’m somehow experiencing a more fulfilling level of personal growth that I ever have, to date.

It’s somehow turned out amazing to continually dabble in ‘unfocus’.


I’ve tried figuring out why,

because it’s clearly the unpopular thing to do. It goes against every grain of my reason and being to not have focus, when navigating through online pathways. And here’s the irony: I know EXACTLY what I should do.

But I’ve also experienced a growth.  The truth of the matter is, when you’re not quite ready to ‘settle down’ on one main focus, it’s perfectly ok to open many doors.




Dabbling and continually testing things out is actually a super clever way of getting stronger – both in personal conviction and in resolve. The more you test out, after all, the more discerning you can be when it finally comes time to make a choice.


But I've also experienced a growth. The truth of the matter is, when you're not quite ready to 'settle down' on one main focus, it's perfectly ok to open many doors. Click To Tweet

Just think of our experience as medical students, way back when in school. Could you imagine if we didn’t dabble in all the medical specialties, and instead were told we just had to choose?

No way! And there’s a reason for it. Dabbling in many things at once can serve its purpose, and sometimes, we need to take our time in the (Un)focus.


Here’s the single most important reason why time is on our side, where it comes to so many of you who follow me – because you’re a physician. For you, social media is basically a side-gig, and not something you absolutely depend on.

And that’s a good thing! Because it means time is on your side.


Dabbling in many things at once can serve its purpose, and sometimes, we need to take our time in the (Un)focus.


Sure, it will bring you more connections and opportunities; more happiness as you explore.

But here’s why it works (and what sets us apart in doing this): we’re in no rush.

That means we can take our time when we start things out, on our social media journey, and we can learn as we go.

And you know what? When you’re ready to settle down, leaving the (Un)focus behind, you’ll just know.

The (Un)Focus.


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