(board game recommendation!)


It was on of those board-game-afternoons.

You know the kind?

It’s where you’re sitting around, with nothing too spectacular to do, and you’re just itchin’ to whip out something grand. Collect clues. Solve a puzzle. Become enthralled by the possible adventures you could have.. simply by cracking open a board game box.

(Am I a nerd? I know I’m a nerd.)

And this board-game lovin’ family was in heaven, trying something new.

I gave my son’s choice a go, and it turned out

both fun & challenging to both the younger generation..

and even to the old geezer right up in here.




It was super easy to learn, and involved both physical and mental challenges that made us all think outside the box..

and push ourselves to get things right.



The game, in case you’re already convinced, can be found right here (it’s Prime-eligible!):


A little about the game:


The nutshell:

you must compete 10-second challenges.

They could be written, they could be physical, and they could be just wacky..  and all outright fun.










My son, Adam, had to quickly (you get 10 seconds, hence the name!) scan the room to come up with an object beginning with the letter ‘D’.



His find?

– A Dime! –

_ _ _




Next, this:



My youngest complained about the following:

“Mom doesn’t let us play Fortnite.”

*Sigh* I’m such a mean mom.


(incidentally, he didn’t succeed in writing it out in 10 seconds, and learned that he needed to think of something more concise; for ex, “We can’t play Fortnite”, a shorter substitute. Learning lesson right there).


_ _ _


The next was a challenge for yours truly:





10 seconds later:





But here’s the best challenge of the afternoon;

one that goes down in the books ’cause my kids didn’t expect I’d follow through:







So yep, if you want it, get it right up in here:

(click on the game to be redirected. And yep, this blog is an Amazon affiliate, although we genuinely played – & loved – this game!)

The Wimpy Kid 10-Second Challenge


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