Last night, UMass students “bravely” stood in front of the police headquarters, and told police they “smell bacon”.

I am rapidly losing faith in higher education.

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The fact that the younger generation thinks that this is Woodstock, and that it’s somehow “cool” to be “protesting”‘ like this, through jeering, mocking, ridiculing, scoffing… it honestly scares me to think of the children who have to live amongst hatred like this.

When did our free nation become an anarchy?

Where are the consequences for our actions, helping us to learn right from wrong?

(Where are the doctors speaking out about this? This is our future. Out children’s future. Our future health.)


This is Not Woodstock, Folks.


Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Burritos

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Burritos

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Thai Food at The Thonglor, NYC

Thai Food at The Thonglor, NYC

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