Twelve FAVORITE Games Our Dual-Physician Family Loves

We love board games.

As in, really, really love board games.

Don’t believe me?


Here are visuals of an afternoon spent playing, with friends, for proof:



.. and let’s not forget this one:

needless to say, playing games makes life just a little more.. fun.

But not all board games are created equally.

We – hubby and I – believe certain board games elevate family-time to new levels, especially when they fit any, or ideally all, of the following criteria:


  • must be fun
  • must be “infectious”: referring to how likely game is to be played again
  • must have some educational component to it (uber important!)


Now, I’ve admittedly written a similar post before; specifically when I pieced together my 7 Educational and Stimulating Board Games for Kids (Dual-Physician Approved), but there are lots of new games joining the list, and it’s now longer than before.

So buckle up. And get ready for game fun.


A great game quote before moving on:


“When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning.”


Oh, and don’t forget that I’m on Instagram, so if you’re going to get one of these (especially because of my suggestion), tag me! I want to hear what ‘ya think.

And if you’re wondering which game is a “best fit” for you, tag me, too. I’ll give you my thoughts if I see (or let’s just say I’ll “prescribe” it).



So.. without further ado, here is our list:


Twelve FAVORITE Games for Our Dual-Physician Family

Click on the board game(s) you’re interested in trying out and it will take you straight into Amazon, where you can purchase these with free delivery through Prime. Please note there could be an affiliate link associated with the link, which comes at no additional cost to you.


#1: Azul

Azul board game

I actually wrote about this game already. But I’ll be re-releasing my post in honor of this countdown.

Right in here.

Purchase the game here.


#2: Splendor


I love this game, I really do.

This game requires a mix of figuring out what’s in front of you, building up an inventory (of game ‘gems’), and planning ahead. Though it takes a bit of getting used to when you’re learning the rules, you’ll get hooked to its uniqueness as soon as you get the hang of it!

Purchase the game here.


#3: Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

This is a goodie that’s been out for a while. In fact, many of you may already know it.

But if you don’t, get acquainted. Because it’s fun AND it’s cool and it’s everything in between.

Build railroads, block off others, and compete to be the railroad mogul your family never thought you were capable of.

Purchase the game here.


#4: Taboo


This is admittedly an oldie. But I love it so, so much that I can’t leave it out.

Plus, we whipped it out the other day because our friends had never played it. We sat outdoors, 6 feet apart (it’s COVID times as I write this) and we screamed out the clues and laughed behind our masks as we did it.

(I haven’t yet played the “Kids Against Parents” version but it’s now officially in my Amazon checkout cart and I’m warming up my board-game-playing hands in a devilish gesture of excitement)

Purchase the game here.


#5: Quoridor


Another suggestion I’ve written about in the past, and still highly recommend. A two-player game that’s quick and to the point, but nonetheless interesting to watch unfold. similar to choose, but with only a single piece to move.

Oh, and I wrote about this game during the start of the pandemic, which you can read about here.

Purchase the game here.

#6: Dix It

Dix It

You’re going to thank me for this one; especially if you’re an artist or value engaging your children’s creative side. I HIGHLY recommend this game and quite honestly want to sneak into your house when you play it..  just to watch!

If you do get this, don’t forget to post and tag (@drcorriel)!!

Purchase the game here.


#7: King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

This one’s kinda fun because it’s filled with Godzilla-like Monsters and quirky steps. That being said, it’s both easy to learn and easy to play.

Purchase the game here.


# 8: Carcassone


I only recently came to know this game and it’s both easy to learn and easy to play. In fact, this one can be played by young kids and old.
The premise is quite simple: you take turns building a kingdom (from roads to monasteries to castles) until you’ve run out of pieces.

Purchase the game here.


#9: One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A group game that’s both fun and clever, where everyone must not only think on their feet, but adapt to what everyone else does, and on the fly!

You will need to use persuasion, creativity, and wisdom, to come up with a way to win each round here, as characters constantly change.

Purchase the game here.


#10: Off Your Rocker

Off Your Rocker

(this doesn’t appear to be currently available through Amazon, except in the UK, and even there it’s sold out..)

This has easily become one of our favorite party games. Whenever we have families over (and they’re “into” games), we whip this one out and we have a blast.

The gist is this: one person is deemed the therapist, and they must figure out the “affliction” affecting the entire group. Group members work to creatively take on the persona of the “afflicted” and to get the therapist to figure things out. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Purchase the game here.


#11 Code Names

Code Names

We LITERALLY played this last night. Like, 10 rounds at that! And we did NOT want it to end. Except that the next game in line was practically calling our name, begging us to be played, too.

Purchase the game here.


#12 Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

I not only created a video to highlight just how much we loved it, but recently also built it its own blog post, which you can read in “Settlers of Cattan: Worth It.


More about the game here!!

Purchase the game here.


I hope you’ll enjoy these board games as much as my family does.

If you do end up purchasing any of them, and trying them out, let me know what you thought! Feel free to post on social media and tag me!

Twelve FAVORITE Board Games Our Dual-Physician Family Loves to Play

My family loves games. I thought I'd share some with you.


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