Unique Things To Do in NYC, Part One: The Queen of Hearts Brandishes a Knife

As I entered the room, I was taken aback. In front of me stood a space the size in which no bed could fit. They gestured me in. I was surprised to be separated from the group of spectators I had been with just a short time before. I stepped inside. All alone, there was an eerie feeling inside of me, possibly brought about by the complete silence that pierced the air. Then, out of the blue, and without as much as a warning, a flustered man in white rushed in. He was worried, upset. I tried to figure out what was happening, but before I could start, an angry woman flowed inside behind him. I wondered how the three of us could fit into the little cubicle we seemed to be shoved into, and in turn tried pasting myself to the corner of the room. A knife was brandished and I suddenly thought, “I’m all alone in here with these strangers, in the middle of this ‘show’. No one would actually know if I was gone. Not until later, that is, but by then it would be too late.”

This excerpt follows a night spent in an interactive show in Brooklyn, NY. It’s just one of the many evenings that still stick out in my mind as extraordinary. Maybe  Outofthebox would even be an appropriate descriptor. But certainly not fitting of any mold that there exists. In my mind, at least.

Either way, some of the pastimes we discover – my family and I – are just too good to not write about. And this was certainly one them. So step out of your shell (if you’re in one) and try new things around your corner. You never know what the night will bring.

Ideas for unique things to do

The following actually took place, and each one made for a certifiably unique night out

Then She Fell

A lady clad in a red dress, likely the image of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, stands near a frightened man in an old-school suit, grasping for a knife on a nearby wooden block.An immersive night out in Brooklyn, spending several hours in the darkened rooms of a former hospital. This eerie but super cool experience is worth the cost.

The show takes each participant – of which there are only 15 per show – through the scenes of Lewis Carroll’s life and writing (he is the author of Alice in Wonderland), in a surreal, imaginative, a nun leads the viewer up a set of stairs, holding a lantern to light the way. Walls are bare, colored brown and whiteand somewhat frightening experience. Everyone ends up seeing different things, depending on which rooms they’re taken into and what’s discovered, which means a personalized experienced for all.

Interpretation is also key, as each person in our party came out with his/her own take on certain scenes. Super unique.

Aire Ancient Baths NY

Oh man. Get your bathing suit on and brace yourself for some relaxation time. This place is where you’d want to go for an evening (or morning, if you have one off) of down time.

Originallythe pools of Aire are pictures, beautifully set in an underground space opened in Seville, Spain (which we visited, take a look if you plan to go!), others followed suit in the States.

This particular one, a Tribeca delight, was built to resemble the traditional Greek and Roman baths of ancient times, complete with underground pools that range in temps.

My two favorites are the salt bath – aka the flotarium – where you literally float, as you would in the Dead Sea, and the ice pool – at a frigid 46 degrees F – which is not for the faint of hearts. I believe they it the frigidarium. Luckily, I was there with a cardiologist and took the plunge.

Don’t forget to recuperate after the experience and hydrate aggressively, as things get a bit hot in those tubs.

Dinner & A Mechanical Bull

Rearing its ugly head in the middle of this Williamsburg, my friend laughs as she rides a mechanical bull, seen in various images of her rideBrooklyn eatery called Viva Toro is a mechanical bull fit for a rodeo filled with laughs. The adrenaline rush is contagious, and judging from a glimpse of my good friend, you can understand why. We celebrated her birthday over dinner and then watched as she yee-hawed her way back into her younger years. How’s that for botox-free?

The cuisine, a Mexican fiesta, can be enjoyed before or after taking on the bull , but be careful about riding the violent beast after your meal because it’s ideal to keep food inside the stomach.

Go get ’em, cowgirls!


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