A Chance Act of Kindness.


While we were walking around in the back alleys of Italy, we ran into a cool little shop with art.


Now, if you know me, I practically salivate at the mere thought of an art shop.


So lo and behold, I walked in.


Inside, were beautiful paintings, and clearly, I loved all the pieces. But they were rather expensive and large.Still, I still out compliments to their maker, who sat nearby.



He understood.


The owner quickly understood how much we loved his work and so, without flinching, picked up a small wooden slab nearby and, right there in front of our eyes, sketched my son.


It was such a special and kind thing to do. Unprompted.


It didn’t take him but a few minutes to throw something together and automatically plant a smile onto my child’s face that stayed there for a long while.


It also showed my son how easy it is to simply take a moment and make someone’s day. His had been made. And now he was primed to go out and ready to do the same.


Score. A life lesson and an art piece at once.

Unprompted Kindness Makes for Life Lesson


The Clown Head

The Clown Head

An eerie legend loomed over the remnants of an abandoned carnival, in the small town of Ravenswood.