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If you’re reading this, your digital space is likely still sitting there, barren.

Most of you, from my experience, don’t move on that desire to plant something in the digital space, simply because it feels like too much. You’re already busy, and there’s just too many moving parts to it all. It feels jumbled. Messy.

You need a gentle ‘unraveling’.

It took me years to understand how the online world worked. And it’s taking years to even organize my own space (& I’m an expert in it).

Here’s a little confession tidbit that could make you feel better about this: I have over 500 unpublished posts. Perfectionism hurts.

Once you dedicate time to the “unraveling,” and to figuring out how building up in this space can help your cause (adding your own flavor into an otherwise bland mix), you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will unravel in front of you.

The best part is that you will have finally¬† begun to leave your own digital footprint; and there’s nothing quite as exciting as that.

Unravel Your Digital Space

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