Want to Write?

You can!

I experience its therapeutic benefits every time I engage in it.

Take my Writer’s Yoga Challenge and join me in the fun.

The ‘Writer’s Yoga’ Challenge

Do you sometimes feel so strongly about a topic, but have nowhere to voice it?

I once did. And then I started my blog. And it’s been one of the most therapeutic journeys I have embarked on in my life.

Exhilaration. That’s how I feel when I complete a piece that I’m proud of. And now I there is a place that it can be posted.

I’ve coined a term for this.

“Writer’s Yoga”

That’s essentially what it is, a complete release, a feeling of fulfillment as you stretch your inner self and let your mind spew out what it is thinking. It’s ok to be human, and not to always have to hide behind my white coat. Have you done hat, my fellow MD’s?

Where else can you write down your thoughts, share your story, express how you feel in he words that you’d like to use, and not necessarily in anything fancy. Where else can you integrate medicine with your other loves?

Do you love fashion? Incorporate your fashion looks with how you dress for work. Do you love design? Show us how a doctor’s home looks when she has a knack for decor. Love tell others you feel as a human, when the stethoscope comes off and you’re home and getting yelled at by the kids? Sing it out loud, sisters.

I speak to everyone out there, and especially to my medical colleagues. Now more than ever, we need writing yoga. Because we are just that busy, that pent up, and more filled with intelligent and interesting ideas that others would absolutely love to hear about.

So I challenge you here and now. Hereby stands my ‘Writer’s Yoga’ Challenge.

Write. Feel. Release. Express. Smile.