Wedded Bliss But Parenting Diss: Parents screaming

(unintended disses)


I initially chose to name this commentary:


“At the Top of OUR Lungs”


but realized it was likely too tongue-in-cheek to fly for a vent-post.



You see, venting has to be carried outright, for maximal effect.



So without further adieu,

here is my vent-commentary, delivered in simple, straight forward quotes (minimal context needed):



Me, at top of my lungs:



“Come and unpack your suitcase RIGHT NOW!”


“Get back here this second, you didn’t clean it all out!”


“Where are you putting that laundry? Get it into that laundry chute!”


“Stop throwing clothes everywhere, make it tidy!”


“Stop hurling basketball-shirts at each other, I want you to finish this!”


“Did you brush your teeth? Go brush your teeth NOW!”


“Did you floss ’em?”


“Turn off those lights after you leave a room!”



My husband, at the top of his lungs:


“Good night! Come and give me a hug and a kiss..”


(True story. And all while he’s nestled comfortably into our bed.)


Seems hubby’s going for this:




Wedded Bliss But Parenting Diss

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about this section:

"Where it comes to parenting, no one has the right answers. Surprise: I DEFINITELY don't have them. So if you're here, know that I'm completely guessing as I go. I'm striving to be what I call a "good-ish" parent. And happy to share my discoveries along my ride."