We’re All on One Side of a Door

I hear her behind the door.

I need a moment to prepare. I look down, to make sure all is in place.

We’re going to have to talk about the weight issue. I really don’t want to. Not right now.

*Breathe in, Breathe out* 

Will I need to bring up the cigarettes? I may. Oh God, and the whole ‘danger of smoking bit’ again. Plus all those quitting options.

Oh, and that dreaded colonoscopy! There’s going to be an argument, I just know it. What if she gets mad?

*Think positive thoughts*

But then controlled substances are going to come up. For sure. How will I even bring them up? How do I ease them in to our conversation?

*That ‘everything’ bagel I had was garlicky, I hope my breath doesn’t smell*

So many topics to cover, so little time.. What if it runs out? What if we don’t get to cover everything we need to?

There are so many patients in the office today!

*Breathe in, Breathe out*

I step into the room. The patient greets me with a smile

Or does the doctor step into the room, and greet me, the patient, with a smile?

It all depend on which side of the door you are on.

Remember that there’s two sides to every story. It just depends on which point of view you choose to take, as you read, and as you live.

Let’s cut each other some slack and take everything with a grain of salt- we’re all human beings.

We’re all on one side of a door.

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