What if we made the healthcare worker bees happy?

“Without systems change, we get what we get.”

Truer words have not been spoken.

And they weren’t even uttered in the “real world”, but rather in the online world, where I don’t exactly know much about the person who’s “uttering” them (and in reality, simply typing them out on a popular social platform; in this case, LinkedIn), but can feel their impact.

I believe that we can come closer to accomplishing what David Dibble wants to see achieved (he recently shared my article about our being pawns within a larger corporate system, which you can read here, his own viewpoints) when we allow the workers within – the ones who actually work the healing magic – to express their frustrations.

When we listen to these valuable players & actually come up with solutions that have both sides in mind (the patient’s AND caregiver’s), with minimal lip service, we get one step closer to promoting happiness in our worker-bees and to running an amazingly well-oiled machine (“is it even plausible to achieve a well-oiled healthcare machine?” one could argue? I’m not sure that it is..)

You simply can’t just focus on one side while ignoring the other. Both sides of a healthcare interaction are human! And that sacred relationship works much, much better, when both sides are tended to.

I realize this is extremely hard to do in healthcare. We’re not running a chocolate shop, after all, or giving people scalp massages at a storefront in town. Healthcare is a behemoth, and much more complicated than that.

And even though I don’t possess the end-all, be-all solution to the burnout we all feel, I think the tools I’ve built (in doctorsonsocialmedia.com) can help. Because I already know so many physicians who are making time to take others on. And one of my jobs is to help these movers & shakers connect.

At the least, I know I’m giving this one giant effort; lending my skills to facilitating (and circulating!) open, public discussion about these issues, their solutions, and more, at doctorsonsocialmedia.com, in any communication medium that’s thrown our way; be it written, video, or audio form.

That’s that. Get in touch if you’re innovating in the space. Grow with us. And definitely if you’re a doctor looking to “do”. Or tag someone else who is.

What if We Made the Healthcare Worker Bees Happy?

What if we actually considered the happiness of the "worker bees" within our giant healthcare system? We can't ignore that our bees are dying.


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