What is Up with Children & Wintertime T-Shirts?

(trying to understand children..)


Me: why in the world are you wearing a T-shirt to school?

My son: it’s warm out!

Me: *frantically scrolling through apps to confirm he‘s capable of making appropriate personal decisions and hasn’t somehow ‘lost it’ along the way*


Me, after verifying actual outdoor temp and the number sinks in:



Lack of capability confirmed.


What is Up with Children & Wintertime T-Shirts?
Exhibit A – weather app screenshot at the very moment this took place.



Your honors (and this is where I’d throw down that imaginary gavel), court is adjourned.



What’s Up with Children & Wintertime T-Shirts?

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"Where it comes to parenting, no one has the right answers. Surprise: I DEFINITELY don't have them. So if you're here, know that I'm completely guessing as I go. I'm striving to be what I call a "good-ish" parent. And happy to share my discoveries along my ride."