When A-aron Eats She-Takes

Kids legitimately say funny things.

True story follows.

My son: What is she-take?
Me: What?
Him: She-take?
Me: *confused*
My son: *points to bag on shelf*
Me: Oh! Shiitake! *chuckles to self*


The culprit is a bag of dehydrated mushrooms, which I found on Costco and snacked on, the day the incident occurred..




The culprit:


This bag of dehydrated mushrooms (see above), which I picked up at Costco and was snacking on, the day this incident occurred.
(note: not an endorsement, just a report of how things went down.)


Ironically, shiitakes are a low sodium food (though not so much when it comes to being packed in a snackable bag!).


Also me: *chuckling to self about one of my faves – a comedic skit called ‘Substitute Teacher’ by the lovable duo of Key & Peele.
I just HAD to share it here.
I literally had to. It’s THAT good. and you’re welcome.

When A-aron Eats She-Takes

A dehydrated food item gives us a chuckle.


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