Why I Blog

I’ve finally done it!

I’m partaking in something most doctors don’t do.


I write about everything, from my crazy, loud household of boys to ideas for unique nights out on the town (like riding a bull after a meal) to funny things I experience everyday, like when my son says no to couscous because it’s ‘carbs’.

I am a board-certified internist who just happens to also be a regular person. All doctors are. Here I am, both inside my white coat and out, sharing life with you.

My eyes peer behind a mug of coffee, held to my lips in pleasure.

I realize I’m stretching the boundaries of today’s norms by writing about so many things. The point is to create beautiful pieces, and to entertain those who read and enjoy them. If I teach someone a thing or two along the way, or maybe even make them laugh, then I’ve done what I’ve set out to do.


This blog was in its inception a while back, in my mind. But I never really knew how to pull the trigger.

It started out as a place where I wrote down random ideas- how my day was going, interesting things I came across, and beautiful photos. I named it ‘Snapshot of a La-De-Da Day.’ It was original, to say the least.

My writing then evolved into ‘Three Teaspoons of Vintage,’ which I named to embody the various aspects of life I was delving into at that particular time, mainly the combination of vintage things loved and my journey exploring of food and entertaining.

A gold seat adorns my entryway porch, a project I took on while exploring my interest in vintage

Then, one day, a statement I read about a fellow peer on social media struck a chord in me and I was moved to write down my emotional response. I did, and my piece subsequently got picked up by a syndicated website. I decided that writing was the medicine I needed, a form of writer’s yoga, and, ever since then, I’ve been writing without looking back.

So enjoy an article or two and call me in the morning!

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