It’s time to spice up your online scroll

It’s time to spice up your online scroll

Social Media.

branding advice

shaping online ventures

digital advice

short snippets of advice


social media opinions


IG 19

Good-ish Parent

raising kiddies is no joke, but I still laugh about it

board games

we’re ready to admit how much we heart games



healthcare-related commentary, but not advice

travel tales

traveling to random places and living to tell about it

How-To Physician

12 physician guests share a skill they’ve leveraged in virtual lectures

docs on walks

like Seinfeld’s “Comedians on Walks Getting Coffee”, but a twist

samuel Shem

6 episodes of a live show I produced, with a famous author & icon

Interview with Author Nir Eyal of 'Hooked' & 'Indistractable'

Life Lessons

14 episodes of a live show I hosted & produced teaching life lessons

Plant, black and white

Everyday B&W

A black and white collection, captured with my iPhone, & edited with love

drinks happen

a visual display of drinks I’ve not only sipped on.. but captured on ifilm, too


quotes that have moved me, and will hopefully/maybe/likely move you, too

explore with me

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